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Feline Diabetes Downloads


The blood glucose curves are actual data from owners. The cat's owners have given permission to post their cat's medical records.

Socks case: the original vet's identity has been protected. The PDF was cropped.

Mozart was from a depomedrol injection for contact dermatitis. PU/PD 3 weeks post injection. 

All cases are non virgin DM cats from other clinics. They have been on insulin for varying lengths of time

I offer my diabetes tech's time and mine to reach our goal of remission. My tech and I can get complicated DM cats well regulated and stable if other inflammation and damage is managed but not into remission at this time. 

I submit that this protocol's possibility of failure in DM cats is from another primary cause for the DM, not the cat having originally presenting with a primary DM.

I submit that primary feline DM is generally caused by diet. The carbohydrate diet saturates the beta cells with glucose to the point of cell membrane saturation of the glucose cell membrane receptor sites. The overwhelmed beta cells insulin producing enzyme system shuts down. When euglycemia is restored, with diet and tight insulin regulation, pancreatic glucose detoxification can occur.  This working hypothesis has been eloquently stated in US patent # 6,203,825.  From my DM remission results, I believe amyloidosis is not a primary cause of DM in even a minority of DM cats. Give the cats a chance!

Primary causes of complicated feline DM and DM remission protocol failure examples:

  • Advanced amyloidosis by mechanism of Dr. Nelson/Feldman.
  • Chronic pancreatitis
  • Cushing disease
  • Progesterone injection
  • Sustained cortisone
  • Acromegaly

Traditional complicated DM is ketoacidosis state. Just do not feed the cat high carbohydrate diets. Unfortunately the sick cat originally presents to us in this state. The cat has to eat what we feed it.

Ron Gaskin DVM

MSVS Feline Diabetes Downloads

File NameDescription / Comment
Cat feeding spreadsheetThis spreadsheet provides the calculation of your cat's food requirement according to its weight and body condition.
REM BooBoo KittyBooBoo needed extensive dental work before tight glucose regulation was started
REM Mozart KittyA short depomedrol induced DM kitty.
REM Socks KittyThis is the most interesting DM remission. 23.5 pound cat. Diabetic 5 years
REM Whitey's data This kitty had severe back limb neuropathy. Given Methylcyancobalamin.