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Declaw Salvage Surgery


*** Our peer reviewed onychectomy research is available at Link

Indications for Declaw salvage surgery

why the surgery?

Radiographs of declawed cat paws

Raven's pay radiographs

Salvage pre-surgery video

Raven: our declaw poster cat

Salvage post-surgery video

successful outcome for Raven.



Raven - a rescue cat nobody wanted to keep. Antisocial, would bite you when she was hungry, attacked other cats, did not run or play. 7 years old at the time of the declaw salvage surgery. Now lives in home where she can run and play again. She still bites when she gets scared but is much better with humans.

This is my gift to Letrisa Miller DVM

Trinity (Fargo, ND) BEFORE declaw salvage surgery

Trinity AFTER declaw salvage surgery

Peliminary Declaw Research presentation November 2010

Preliminary Declaw Study.ppt